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Aircond And Chiller Systems

Looking for a reliable aircond / air-conditioner technician?

We provide installation, maintenance and even rental from residential aircond to industrial chiller system!

The cost for service/installation is based on several factors listed below:

  • Size of aircond (HP)
  • Type of aircond
  • Difficulty of access
  • Location
  • Type of refrigerant
  • Copper pipe length
  • Water pipe length (for chiller)
  • Wires length
  • Capacity and Functions of DB

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Aircond And Chiller Systems
CrystalAir Chiller Repair
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CrystalAir Chiller System DB

For commercial and industrial air-conditioning system, it is always wise to have fully functional Distribution Board to control the system. The Distribution Board provides safety measurement for the air-conditioning system like RCCB, Phase Controller, Timer, Thermal Overload Relay and ETC. Other than that, it also provide a tidy and ease-to-manage Front Control Panel complete with Light Indicator which let your technician or staff to know immediately the condition of the system with a glance!

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