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Best Industrial Air Cooler in Malaysia


“We understand every customer’s needs are always unique and are always committed to providing the most suitable solutions that match customers’ expectation to its best.”

Crystalproof Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd. (brand name: CRYSTALAIR) is a specialist in air cooling system, including industrial air coolers, air conditioners, and exhaust hood systems. Over the years, we’ve been entrusted by countless customers in designing, implementing and maintaining the best cost-saving air cooling system to create a comfortable working environment.


Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our expert team understands every customer’s needs and are fully committed to providing the most suitable solutions that match customers’ expectation to its best. Each and every staff at Crystalproof Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd. is ready to provide the best services at all times. To offer our valued customers total peace of mind, we provide a life-time warranty* on our products.

*T&C apply. 


Making Every Building Cool With Natural Breeze.



We offer a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing installation and maintenance, as well as rental options for both residential air conditioning and expansive industrial chiller systems.

Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler
Portable Evaporative Air Coolers
Industrial Exhaust Fan
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System

Sales Process Flow

Enquiry (WhatsApp/Email/Call)

Attended by Salesperson

Site-visit (FOC)

Proposal & Quotation

Engineering Drawing (with charges depending on the scale of the project)

Purchase Order & Deposit

Confirmation on Project Timeline


Dedicated after-sales service officer to follow up on maintenance



Very good after sale services, always punctual and very responsive

Jacky Chan

The salesperson is really the guy with solid experiences in giving ideas to design and install air cooler

Hueyhsiong Tan

Friendly and professional in telling us what is good and bad for our ventilation and help us save a lot of money!

Steven Tong

Good service



We provides air cooling services, including the sale, installation, and maintenance of air conditioners and chillers for both residential and industrial settings. They also offer rental options for a range of cooling systems, from residential air conditioners to industrial chillers, ensuring clients have access to flexible and efficient cooling solutions tailored to their specific needs. Read more about our air cooler rental services.

The most common inquiries we receive involve searches for the best air coolers in Malaysia, kitchen exhaust fans, chiller air conditioners, evaporative and water air coolers, and various types of exhaust hoods for both commercial kitchens and restaurants. Customers are also interested in industrial air conditioners and coolers.

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An industrial air cooler, also known as a commercial air cooler, is a type of evaporative cooling system widely used in Malaysia. It operates by drawing in warm air, passing it over water-saturated pads, and then cooling the air through evaporation before circulating it throughout a space. This system is portable, making it versatile for various industrial settings, efficiently cooling large areas while being cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to traditional air conditioning.

A kitchen exhaust fan and hood, part of the exhaust hood system, are crucial for ventilating commercial kitchens. These systems, including the commercial kitchen exhaust hood, work by removing smoke, heat, and odors, ensuring a cleaner, cooler cooking environment. They’re particularly essential in restaurant kitchens, where the volume of cooking generates significant pollutants. Proper duct installation is key to their effectiveness, directing contaminated air out of the kitchen to maintain air quality and kitchen safety.

Air conditioners and chillers differ primarily in their cooling processes and applications. Air conditioners directly cool indoor air and are commonly used in residential and commercial settings. Chillers, on the other hand, cool water that is then used to cool air or equipment in industrial and commercial facilities. The choice between the two depends on the specific cooling needs and scale of the environment.

An evaporative cooling system is a simple cooling method that uses the natural process of water evaporation to reduce air temperature. It works by passing hot air through water-saturated pads or filters. As the water evaporates, it absorbs heat from the air, cooling it before it’s circulated back into the space. This type of cooling is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, often used in dry, hot climates.

The ventilation system in a kitchen is designed to remove heat, smoke, steam, and odors produced during cooking. It typically includes an exhaust hood installed over cooking appliances, which contains fans to draw air out, and ducts to carry the unwanted air outside the building. This system helps keep the kitchen air clean and maintains a comfortable temperature for a safe and pleasant cooking environment.