Production Machinery Repair and Maintenance

What is the machine maintenance?

Machine maintenance is the means by which mechanical assets in a facility are kept in working order. Machinery maintenance involves regular servicing of equipment, routine checks, repair work, and replacement of worn or non-functional parts. It is also known as preventive maintenance which aim to keep assets in good condition.

A basic preventive maintenance begins with a comprehensive checklist that involve visual and auditory inspection, those are the very obvious symptoms that something is not in good shape. Most common scenario is like worn out moving parts like cylinder, rubber seals, bearing and etc. As for electrical, always be alert of any abnormal blackout (burnt sign), high than normal temperature and unfamiliar smell.

So, if your factory is overly burdened by those maintenance headcount, let’s have a talk with us and let us do all the hassle works for you at at much lower commitment than ever before.

Why Your Machines Need Ours Preventive Maintenance?

30% of machine breakdown is due to lack of preventive maitenance

Standard checklist and report provided

Our technician is well-equipped with knowledge and experiences


Regular maintenance ensures machines optimal performance

Save money by minimising downtime

Some Industries Required Frequent Maintenance

Plastic Product Manufacturing

Extensive use of Plastic Injection Machine

Automotive Manufacturing

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinder

Steel Mills

Milling Machine, CNC, Latch and etc.

Food Production

Oven, Furnace and etc.

Why Choose Us For Maintenance Service?

Vast real-world experience in Evaporative Air Coolers

First in the industry with a Servicing Mobile APP

Dedicated customer service officers to follow up

Excellent before and after-sales service