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A portable air cooler is a compact cooling device designed to provide relief from heat and humidity in indoor or outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional air conditioners, which use refrigerants and require installation, portable air coolers work by evaporating water to create a cooling effect. They are easy to move around and typically feature wheels or handles for convenient transportation.

We offer rental services for portable air coolers (servis sewa air cooler) within the Klang Valley and Selangor area, providing our customers with a flexible cooling solution for various occasions such as events, functions, workshops, or temporary workspaces. With our rental services, customers can enjoy the benefits of portable air cooling without the need for a long-term investment or installation commitment.

About CrystalAir Portable Air Cooler

How Does an Evaporative Air Cooler Function?

A portable air cooler works by pulling warm air into the unit, where it passes through moistened cooling pads. As the air flows through these pads, the water evaporates, which cools and humidifies the air. The cooled air is then circulated back into the room, providing a refreshing breeze. Additionally, some portable air coolers may also feature ice packs or ice chambers to enhance cooling efficiency. Overall, the process of evaporative cooling is what allows portable air coolers to effectively lower the temperature in a room. These units are favored in event rentals for their affordability, ease of installation, portability, and lack of additional accessories. Maintenance simply requires refilling the water tank every 3-4 hours.

Introducing CrystalAir, tailored to meet the needs of our local market. Here are its outstanding features:

  1. Wire tidy space for convenience
  2. Easy operation with one-touch controls
  3. Durable control buttons for all users
  4. Removable front water inlet lid for added convenience
  5. 8 filter nets ensure clean air
  6. Caster wheels with locking mechanism for mobility and stability
  7. Auto water refill capability for continuous operation
  8. Powerful motor delivers up to 15000CMH of cool air
  9. 6 independent air discharge zones with auto left-right swing
  10. Rubber drain plug for hassle-free maintenance

Notably, the CrystalAir stands out as the only model in the market with an auto water pump protection feature, ensuring safety by preventing overheating and potential fire risks.

Why Should You Consider Renting an Air Cooler?

Explore the advantages of portable air cooler rental (servis air cooler sewa). Learn why renting a portable air cooler can be a convenient and affordable solution for both indoor and outdoor cooling needs.


Our air cooler comes in a compact box unit with heavy-duty wheels, making it easy to move around. Unlike air conditioners, it doesn’t need extra accessories like compressors or ducting. You can set it up anywhere, whether it’s on a rooftop garden, by the poolside, or in an open field.


Opting to rent air coolers proves to be a more affordable choice compared to purchasing them outright, especially for individuals requiring cooling solutions for short-term needs, such as seasonal transitions or temporary events where price is a significant consideration.


Rental services commonly cover maintenance and servicing, alleviating users from the responsibility of repairs and upkeep. This guarantees peak performance throughout the rental duration, eliminating the need for troubleshooting.

Temporary Cooling Solutions

Our portable air conditioner is an ideal solution for urgent cooling needs in critical settings such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, and offices. We offer affordable rentals and ensure prompt delivery upon order placement.

Short Term Usage

If you only require temporary cooling, it’s advisable to rent rather than purchase an air conditioner. By renting, you can access the cooling you need without investing in a permanent installation that won’t be utilized after the event, all at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Us For Maintenance Service?

Extensive practical expertise in evaporative air cooling systems

Pioneers in the industry with a mobile servicing application

Committed customer service representatives for ongoing support

Exceptional pre- and post-sales support

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FAQs Before Renting a Portable Air Cooler

Yes, portable air coolers are worth considering for both rental and purchase. Renting offers flexibility for temporary needs, events, or short-term usage without the commitment of ownership. On the other hand, buying a portable air cooler provides long-term access to personal cooling solutions, ideal for recurrent needs or situations where frequent usage is anticipated. Assessing your specific requirements and duration of use can help determine the most cost-effective and practical option.

Portable air coolers offer several benefits, including efficient cooling, energy efficiency, and portability. They use water evaporation to reduce ambient temperatures, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to traditional air conditioning systems. Additionally, their compact size and mobility make them ideal for use in various settings, providing instant cooling relief wherever needed.

Before renting a portable air cooler, consider factors such as cooling capacity, space size, energy efficiency, noise levels, and rental terms. Assess specific cooling needs, budget, and duration of use. Check maintenance requirements and reliability of the air cooler rental provider, and inquire about delivery services for indoor and outdoor settings to ensure a seamless cooling experience.