Myths of Air Cooler

In Malaysia, the temperature is always hot throughout a year. 

As a result, Air Conditioner is the must have electrical appliances for “survival” in every building from industrial to residential. However, the traditional air conditioner does come with expensive monthly electrical bill and things are started to change.

For the past few years, Evaporative Air Cooler has risen as the first choice of business owners in Malaysia. 

As of today we can find at least 1 factory in every industrial is having evaporative air cooler. 

From this ever fast growing trend, we can almost conclude that it is definitely a best ventilation and cooling choice for your premises. 

But before you decide to buy or install one, there are 5 Mysteries you have to understand to be truly benefited. 

Or else, it may become a total waste of money and the performance is way below your expectation.

Myths About Air Coolers

Utilising the evaporation of water to cool down the air

Mystery 1: Can I set the temperature of Air Cooler?

The answer is NO. It uses only water to cool air and no compressor nor “gas” is involved. The temperature of air discharged is mainly depends on the humidity of the ambient air and quality of cooling pad. 

The average temperature of the air discharge ranging from 23°C – 29°C under Malaysia climate. 

Mystery 2 : Need add Ice Cube to Air Cooler?

The answer is YES & NO.
The effect of put ice cube into Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is similar with putting ice cube in front of a fan. The ice cubes absorb the heat from the surrounding air to lower the temperature of the air. 

However, the cooling effect from ice cube will only last temporary until the ice all melted into water. 

In other word it acts as a “temporarily booster” for the cooling effect. This Is practically helpful when you need an immediate chilling effect from the air cooler. 

It is always on the plus side if having the ice cube but the it still performing well without Ice. The choice is yours.

Top compartment of CrystalAir Portable
Evaporative Air Cooler PC-100 for easier loading with ice cube. 

Mystery 3 : Higher HP produce more cooling capacity?

The answer is NO. 

The HP is abbreviation of horsepower which generally refer to the power of air conditioner compressor. 

But for air cooler, the airflow is the main consideration In choosing the size which start from 5500CMH (Portable) to 40000CMH(Fixed Type).

Mystery 4 : Will the cool air “escape” to the outside of the building?

The answer is NO. 

Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler for buildings works best with external air circulation which allows it to force the indoor air to “escape” continuously. Or in other word it replaces the indoor hot air with cool air hence no closed space needed.

illustration of the building ventilation through Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler.

Mystery 5: Air Cooler needs to have schedule maintenance services?

A Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler without maintenance service for 1 year.

The answer is YES.

The recommended interval maintenance service is 6 months for commercial area and 3 months for industrial area. This is to ensure optimum efficiency with best cleanliness and hygienic conditions.

After 6 months of usage

After maintenance service

Ultimate Mystery : Fixed Type Air Cooler for fully enclosed building?

The answer is YES. 

Theoretically it can be installed on any type of building regardless of enclosed or opened space.

However, the moisture level inside an enclosed building will eventually build up and lead to one or more humidity-based problems such as: mold and mildew growth. As a result, causing damage to property in long run. 

But no worry, there is always workaround. 

In order to avoid the moisture build-up inside enclosed building, the Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler will always come in set with Exhaust Fan. 

This combination is even better that we are able to determine the amount of air going in and going out the building. It allows a design with either positive or negative pressure inside the building (especially factory). 

For example, we need positive pressure inside factory to minimise the dust and air-borne contaminant from outside. This is achievable by allowing greater amount of air going in through air cooler than air going out through exhaust fan. 

In opposite a factory with a lot of heat generating machine inside will require negative pressure. The heat from machine have to be removed as fast as possible to avoid heating inside factory. In this case, the amount of air going out the building through Exhaust Fan, must be on the higher side. 

If you need advise on the best design of the ventilation using the combination of Evaporative Air Cooler and Exhaust Fan, please contact our expert now!

Advantages of Air Cooler

  • Environmentally Friendly – Water is the only cooling medium which is totally safe to the environment.
  • Fresh Air Supply – With continuous supply of the outside fresh air it helps to maintain indoor air quality at a healthier level.
  • Cost Effective – For a normal size building with approximate 1200sqft needs only a 23000CMH airflow with 1 5kW motor which cost less than Rm0.80/hour (commercial and industrial tariff) for electricity.
  • Fully Customised Design – The Spot Cooling and Direct Blow are the most common ductwork designs paired with Fixed Type Evaporative Air Cooler. The Spot Cooling is most suitable to deliver cool air for a certain part inside a huge space while Direct Blow is suitable for small and medium space of building.

The Main Component : Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad: The main component that affect cooling effect of air cooler. 

Evaporative heat exchanger 5090 type “multi-layer” corrugated fiber composite materials wet curtain is the core component for air cooler. 

It has a good water absorption and ventilation performance. The cooling effect depends on ability of cooling pad
to absorb and hold water. 

As for the corrugation design, it creates a huge intermediate surface between water and air which allow evaporation to occur at a much higher rate. 

Since the cooling pad is always wet, it will certainly rupture in long run and replacement of cooling pad is a must after 2 – 5 year depend on the type of usage. 

There is a much cheaper type “long-lasting” cooling pad made from recycled material in the market. 

They claim this “cooling pad”can last until 10 years of usage but they will never tell you how poor is the water absorption ability. 

As a result, almost no cooling effects when in use.

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