Maintenace Service

It’s Time To Schedule Your Maintenance Services!
Evaporative Air Coolers need half-yearly maintenance to keep up to its original efficiency. With the proper maintenance, your air coolers and cooling pads will work more economically and be more dependable for years to come. An Evaporative Air Cooler supplies a large amount of cooled fresh air to your building and efficient maintenance can make a significant difference.

Air Cooler without Maintenance Service

Before Maintenance Service
Before Maintenance Service
After Maintenance Service
After Maintenance Service

Why your air coolers need maintenance?

Your air cooler loses 30% of its overall efficiency every 6 months

Proper maintenance effectively doubles the lifespan of the parts and components of air coolers

Proper maintenance greatly reduces health risks associated with poor air quality


Regular maintenance ensures air coolers keep up to 96% of its original efficiency

Save electricity and bills

How Maintenance Work Is Carried Out Professionally
by The Crystalair Team?


Normal maintenance service of Evaporative Air Coolers requires a complete dismantling for detailed cleaning.


Over time, mold and bacteria will develop on the surface of the cooling pad causing hygienic concerns.


After running for sometimes, dirt and debris entering the air cooler will eventually accumulate and causing stain and bad smell, which will escalate the growth of mold and bacteria. Cleaning is a must to eliminate the hygiene concerns.


The filter nets act as the primary component to ensure the air intake is with minimum contamination. A dirty and blocked air filter will restrict the airflow causing a significant drop of air cooler efficiency.

Why Choose Us For Maintenance Service?

Vast real-world experience in Evaporative Air Coolers

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Dedicated customer service officers to follow up

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