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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System

An exhaust hood system consists of three main components: a skirt or capture panel to contain the rising gases (also known as the “effluent plume”), one or more grease filters, and a fan or tangential blower for forced ventilation.

There are two major configurations of extractor hoods: ducted (or vented) application, and ductless (or recirculating) application. In a ducted application, the output collar of the extractor hood’s blower motor is attached to a duct system, which terminates outside the building. In a ductless application, a filter, often containing activated charcoal, removes odor and smoke particles from the air before releasing the cleaned air back into the kitchen. For commercial, ducted type of exhaust hood is the most suitable to be used.

A ducted system allows for removal of all forms of airborne contamination, while a ductless one recirculates heat and moisture into the kitchen. In addition, a ducted application eliminates the need for regular replacement of the filters, and avoids the airflow restriction (and resultant loss of power) caused by them. However, ducted application does have disadvantage, due to lack of space or ability to install a duct system, make-up air requirements, or the additional cost of heating/cooling the make-up air. Some range hood designs allow for both types of applications.

exhaust hood system
5′ long exhaust hood

In Malaysia, most of the exhaust hoods may be made from a variety of materials ranging from premium stainless steel 304, stainless steel 439 and the cheapest galvanized iron. The most common size for the exhaust hood start from 3′ to 8′ in length or combination of different size to cater large kitchen.

As for the motor size, the commonly used start from 0.5HP up to 5.5HP depends on the size of exhaust hood, length of ducting and type of kitchen.

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Our exhaust hood system is perfectly designed for kitchens, restaurants, and cafes, ensuring a clean and safe environment by efficiently removing smoke, heat, and odors.

3HP Exhaust Motor
3HP Exhaust Motor
5HP Exhaust Motor For Kitchen
5HP Exhaust Motor For Kitchen
Round Duct
Round Duct

Specialized Hood Systems for Diverse Commercial Kitchen Needs

Pizza Oven Hood: Pizza oven hoods are tailored for the high-heat and specific demands of pizza ovens. These systems are engineered to handle the intense temperatures and smoke produced by wood-fired or traditional pizza ovens, ensuring a safe and clean cooking area.

Grill Hood: Grill hoods are designed to cope with the significant smoke, grease, and heat output of grilling equipment. Their robust construction and efficient exhaust capabilities make them indispensable for kitchens where grilling is a frequent cooking method.

Make-Up Air Hood: Make-up air hoods are crucial for balancing the air pressure within the kitchen. These systems supply fresh air to replace the air extracted by the exhaust hoods, preventing negative pressure that can hinder the performance of the hood system and ensuring a comfortable working environment.

Island Hood: Island hoods are suited for kitchens with central cooking areas or islands. These hoods are suspended from the ceiling and designed to capture and exhaust smoke and heat from all four sides, making them ideal for open kitchen layouts.

Each of these specialized hood systems plays a vital role in maintaining the safety, compliance, and comfort of commercial kitchens. Whether you’re operating a food truck, a pizza parlor, or a high-volume restaurant, selecting the right hood system tailored to your specific equipment and kitchen layout is crucial for meeting code requirements and ensuring a safe and efficient cooking environment.